Thursday, October 23, 2008

Let's talk about Thai Painting.

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This picture below was took me with Thai mural painting in Wat Po, Bangkok. Yes, it is Traditional Thai painting on the wall. And today we are going to talk about Thai painting. Do you know what Thai painting is?

There are many meaning words by the Thai painting professors try to explain what Thai painting is such as Wirun Tangcharern, he discribed that the aspect of Thai traditional painting is the painting of human (a man or people) that paints with flat color (that refer to no dimension) even there is the usage of a little bit of light and shadow with the part of rocks, mountains, and the sky.

Boonyiam Yammuang said that Thai painting is the painting that has subject story about the life of Buddha, Thai classic literatures and Thai people daily life on the temple walls and so on to the Lai Thai or the traditional Thaidesign that decorated on the doors and windows or even on the book case or the showcase.

Conclusion, Thai painting is the painting that created on 2 dimensions surface or 3 dimensions surface. The artist does not express the picture in realistic style but express the picture in Idealistic style (mainly it is the traditional shapes and forms). The story subject in Thai painting is about the believe the philosophy the rerlgion and the literature or the custom.

If I have much more time later I will post more information about the meaning of Thai painting again because I know that this artical is not yet perfect (of course). By the way, I hope you enjoy the information and get to understand more about Thai painting.

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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Greeting and welcome to Thai Painting Blog

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First, I want to let you know that I have just had one blog that contents about my art stuff already. It is

In suttilak blog there are many articles about my artworks and the methods I use in my art only and I am happy with it very much. Somehow I wish another blog to be the place to give you the general information about Thai painting which separate from my suttilak blog individually. Therefore this Thai painting blog is just established.

What's new in Thai Painting Blog ?
In Thai Painting Blog you would know the basic meaning of Thai painting and get to know how to paint in Thai style. Moreover I intend to teach you how to draw some basic Thai traditional design or Lai Thai (in Thai). I hope you will enjoy the information from this blog and enjoy to learn how to draw Lai Thai step by step. Please keep watching!

More information is coming soon!

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